Creators & Sellers - Public Profile

In The Creator Marketplace® all creators get a vanity url, you can create this along with your public profile that is available to be shared with all marketers in the platform as well as users who are not signed up for the platform. If you have not yet created your public profile, please see this article to get started. 

Navigating To Your Public Profile

  • To view your public profile, click on your avatar at the top of your account and then select your name. 

Viewing Your Public Profile 

On your public profile you will see your name, profile image, biography, demographics and social connections. 


Your demographics are self-provided when you create your public profile. Adding demographics helps marketers locate you in specific search results in the marketplace. If you have not provided demographic information for your profile, select Go to social where you can edit your profile. 


Your analytics pull from the social connections you have added to your profile. You will see your total engagement rate for your connections and the average engagements per post displayed. 

  • Engagement Rate: Average engagement rate across all of the monitored social connections.
  • Average Engagement Per Post: Average engagement across all social posts on your monitored social connections.

Audience Demographics

Audience demographics information is fetched from your social connections once they are added to the platform. The Creator Marketplace uses machine learning to predict the audience demographics for your connections.  


On your public profile, marketers can view the listings that you have created. They can access these listings by clicking on the listing tile provided in your profile. 


Any social connections added will be shown on your public profile which give marketers a glimpse into your engagement rate, brands, audience and posts.

Additionally, social connections are used to enrich your listing by automatically including your most popular media elements, generate a description, add your follower count, and estimate a deal price. For more information on adding your social connections, see this article. 

From your profile, you can click on individual connections that have been added to drill down even further. 

  • Overview: Overall view of the details for that specific connection. 
  • Posts: View of all of the posts for that specific connection. 
  • Analytics: Overall analytics for that specific connection. This is pulled directly from Instagram's metrics.
  • Audience: Overall audience analytics for that specific connection. This is pulled directly from Instagram's metrics.