Creators & Sellers - Creating a Public Profile

In The Creator Marketplace® you can create a public profile that provides marketers with valuable information about who you are, your social connections, and your demographics.

Creating a Public Profile

When Creating a Public Profile, you must make sure it is filled out completely and with accuracy. This will help marketers find you when searching in the marketplace.

  • To create your Public Profile, select the green banner at the top of your My Work dashboard. 

Adding a Connection

Adding your social connections allows buyers to view the type of content you create and helps to build up your Public Profile. Any social connections added will be shown on your public profile which give marketers a glimpse into your engagement rate, brands, audience and posts.

Additionally, social connections are used to enrich your listing by automatically including your most popular media elements, generate a description, add your follower count, and estimate a deal price. For more information on adding your social connections, see this article. 

Filling Out Your Profile

You will next need to fill out the basic information for your profile. This includes your avatar or profile image, name, date of birth, and a short biography. For more information on your profile, please see this article. 


Adding demographics helps marketers locate you in specific search results in the marketplace. Select the demographics that apply best to you. 


Many marketers are looking for more information about your pets and family. Proving this information will make you more attractive to marketers who are looking for creators with children in a specific age range or with a certain pet. 

Vanity URL

Your account will automatically be assigned a vanity URL. This URL can be shared so that anyone can find your public profile. You can edit your vanity URL from your account at any time. If the URL has already been taken, you will need to try another. 

Viewing Your Public Profile

Once your profile has been created, you will be taken to the Social tab. You can always view or edit your profile by navigating to My Work and then selecting the Social tab. To view your public profile, select Public Profile in the upper right hand corner. 

Editing Your Profile

You can edit any elements of your profile from your Social tab.

  • Navigate to the section you would like to edit and select Edit
  • After you have made your edits, select Save & Preview