Contract Templates and Resources

 The Contracts module enables you to write your own contracts, save them as templates and obtain e-signatures that comply with the most stringent electronic signature laws. Flex also provides a resource center where you can find pre-created documents that can be used as a starting point for your contracts.

Creating Templates

To create a template with a new document, select New Template in the Contracts module under the Templates tab.

  • From here, upload one or more files saved on your device and then select Continue.  
  • You will now need to add Roles to your template. Roles are placeholders for specific signers. For example; Creator, Client, etc.
    • To do this, enter the title of the placeholder that will be signing the document. 
    • To add more roles, select + Add Role or you can add yourself as a signer by selecting + Add Myself as a Signer.
    • Once you have added all of your roles, select Continue
  • Now you will need to add the template details. This information is for internal use only. Signers will not see this information. 
  • Enter the Template Type  and Description of your document and select Continue
    • This information is for internal use only. Signers will not see this information. 
  • After you have added all of your document details, select Continue.
  • You can now place fields on your document. Fields can be signatures, text fields, check boxes and date fields. 
    • Add fields by selecting the field on the left-hand side of the document and then drag and drop where you would like to place it in the document.
    • Specify which signer needs to fill out each field by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the signer's name.
  • Once you have finished placing all of your fields, select Finish Template

After creating templates, you can use them when creating and sending contracts

Using Resources

On the Resources tab, you are able to download and use documents that have been created as a convenience by legal professionals who specialize in influencer marketing law.

Please note: The forms provided on this site are not intended to cover every legal situation, nor should they be deemed legal advice, but instead are offered as a convenience to creators and marketers as a standard for conducting business in a manner acceptable to both. The sample agreement may be saved in the Contracts module of Flex as a template, and executed using the provided e-signature solution. Note that a select group of IZEA team members supporting and also utilizing this feature may potentially have view-only access to the negotiated terms, and that your use of this offering constitutes your agreement and acknowledgment of the same.

To download a resource, select the Download option under the resource of your choosing. 

  • Once downloaded, you have the option to upload the document as a template or use it as a one-off contract.