Creating and Switching Between Accounts

Accounts are an essential feature in the Flex platform, allowing you to separate and manage data for different brands you are working with. This article will guide you through creating and switching between your accounts.

Creating An Account

Accounts can be created by anyone with access to your organization. The Accounts tab can be found by selecting your name at the top of the platform interface and then Accounts.

  • Once on the Accounts Dashboard, select Add Account.
  • Enter an Account Name, Account Short Name, Website and Address. 
  • Add an image for the Account Avatar to help you identify the account more easily.
  • Once finished, select Add Account. 

Org Members and Org Admins will automatically be added to the new account. You can add account members after the account is created.

Granting User Access

If you have created users as Account Members you will need to add them as users to your accounts. You can adjust the account permissions from the Users tab. The Users tab can be found by selecting your name at the top of the platform interface and then Users.

  • Find the user you want to grant access to and select icon.
  • In the Accounts section, navigate to the account and select the toggle.
  • Select the permissions you would like the user to have for the account. 
  • Select Save to update the user’s account access.

Please note: Account Members will only have access to the accounts you have granted them access to.

Using the Account Switcher

You can switch between the accounts in your organization by using the Account Switcher.  The Account Switcher can be found by selecting the current account at the top of the platform interface. You can search for any of your accounts using the search bar provided. Once found, select the account you would like to access.

You will be redirected to the dashboard for that account, where you can start creating and managing data.