Creating Tags

Tags provide different ways of programmatically organizing and gaining insights across various properties within IZEA® Flex. 

Creating Tags

In the system, you can create Parent Tags and Child Tags. For example: your main tag could be Coffee and then your child tags could be the flavors of coffee you are featuring.

  • To create a tag, navigate and click on Campaigns > Tags.
  • From here you will see the option to add a Parent Tag. To add your Parent Tag, select Add Parent Tag
  • Enter the name of your Parent Tag.

Associations are extremely important for your tags. Adding associations allows you to identify the creators, content, campaign, etc. associated with your tags. 

  • To associate your tags, select the dropdown > association type.
  • After selecting your association type, click the Add Association box to populate your existing items.
    • At this point, you can choose one of your existing items or create a new one.
  • Once you have finished adding your associations, select Add Tag.

Adding Child Tags

  • Navigate to the Parent Tag that you would like to add a Child Tag to and select the icon. 
  • Add the name and the associations for your tag.