Creating a ShareMonitor

ShareMonitor is a multi-platform social listening tool available within IZEA Flex that can be used to look for posts over time across our database of over 40 million creator handles. A monitor provides insights about your search criteria including the number of posts discovered and content analysis powered by BrandGraph. 

Creating a ShareMonitor

  • To create a ShareMonitor, select Create Monitor.  
  • You will then be able to set the parameters for your monitor. 

Pro tip: Use monitors to help locate creators to participate in your campaigns. 

Monitor Parameters

The monitor parameters allow you to customize each monitor to gain the most insights for each social post. 

Monitor Name 

The monitor name will be used to differentiate your monitors from one another. 


Platforms allow you to choose which social media channels you would like your monitor to focus on.

Pro tip:  If you are running a campaign, it is helpful to choose the platforms that your associated campaign will focus on.

Start Date and End Date

The start date and end date allow you to set when the posts were published on the social platforms you selected. 

Please note: Only posts that were published by the creator within your selected posting dates will show in your ShareMonitor results. 

Minimum Follower Count

The minimum follower count represents the least amount of followers that the creators presented in your social social listing will have. 

Search Terms

Search terms allow you to further define the criteria of your monitor. You can select to include or exclude certain terms and specify whether you want to see content that matches all or any of the terms. These terms can be hashtags, keywords and/or brands. 

  • To add search terms, enter the keyword in the boxes provided. 
    • You will notice that if a brand name is entered, the brand will populate.
    • You can choose to have all of the terms present in the post by selecting AND or choosing OR to have at least one of the terms included in the posts.


You can add associations to the monitors you create. You can associate your monitor with campaigns, content, contacts, tracking links, etc. These associations help keep your monitors organized and allow you to pull valuable information to be used in your campaigns. 

  • To associate your ShareMonitors, select the dropdown > association type.
  • After selecting your association type, click the Add Association box to populate your existing items.
    • At this point, you can choose one of your existing items or create a new one

Pro tip: Make sure that your monitor is associated with a campaign. From your campaign, you can easily review and filter content that matches your campaign needs.

Adding Social Handles

If you have a list of creators that you would like to include in your ShareMonitor, you can add them directly in the platform. ShareMontior is also a great way to add creator handles into the platform's database for you to access later. You have the option to add them one by one or in bulk. 

Important note: When adding a social handle for monitoring, the social media content will not appear if the creator does not have any posts that match your terms and posting dates 

To add a social handle to your monitor, click on the Monitor Name > Add Social Handles

  • From here, select the corresponding social platform for the handles that you would like to add.  

Please note: You can only add one platform at a time when adding social handles. 

  • Copy and paste the social handles into the box provided, separating them by commas. 
  • When you are finished, select Add Social Handles