Creators & Sellers - Creating a Listing

In The Creator Marketplace®, a listing is where creators can post offerings and details about themselves for brands and marketers to choose for an influencer campaign. 

Selecting a Category and Subcategory

When creating your listing, you will first need to choose the main category you would like your listing to be housed under. This will be the type of service that you are offering. 
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Virtual Appearances
    • Metaverse
    • Social Audio
    • Photography
    • Design
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Writing

Then you will need to select the subcategory your listing falls into. The subcategories will change depending on which category you have chosen.

After selecting your category and subcategory, select Next. The next step will be to fill out the final details of your listing. 

Please note: If you selected Influencer Marketing, you will need to add your selected social media connection before moving onto the next step. 

Title and Description

After selecting your category and subcategory, you will need to add a title and description for your listing. This is your chance to introduce both yourself and your content to potential buyers, so be sure to include any interesting information about you and what you post.

Listing Location

Buyers want to make sure they are reaching the right audience geographically. If they are sending product, this can also help them determine whether their product/service can be found in or sent to your location.

  • To add your location, select the dropdown and then choose your location.

Pro tip: If you are currently traveling, use your most recent geographical location. 

Sample Media

Your sample media is your best chance to make a great first impression. Use high-quality images of your best work.

Pro tip: We recommend providing three-plus samples to give buyers an idea of your work. 

  • To upload your sample media, select the Shake - Upload Sample Media icon in the box provided.

Pro tip: You can upload multiple images at once by highlighting them all from your desktop, and then dragging them onto one of the media slot tiles. Once all have uploaded, you can use your cursor to drag and drop your media to rearrange the order in which they display.

Deals Options

The deals section is the specific offering and deliverables you are presenting to buyers. This section is pre-filled with our most popular offerings, but you are able to edit it however you would like.

  • To edit the pre-written elements, simply select inside the text box and make the necessary changes.

For each deal, you will need to add:

  • Title
  • Description - what you are offering to the buyer
  • Features - what is included in your offering
  • Days for delivery
  • Number of revisions
  • Licensing type
    • Price - how much you are asking to be paid for this listing 

    Please note: There is a maximum of four deals and a minimum price of $10 per deal that you can add per listing.


    Options are add-ons for buyers to purchase in addition to your deals.

    • To add an option, select + Add Option.
    • Include an option title, option description, any additional delivery time (in days), and the price of the add-on option.

    Please note: Option descriptions have a minimum of 50 characters. 

    • To remove an option, simply select Delete

    Buyer Requests

    Buyer requests are optional questions you can add. Buyers will need to answer these questions in order to work through your listing once it has been purchased.

    • To add buyer requests, select + Add Request.
    • In the Request 1 box, you can specify the type of question you would like the buyer to answer.
    • Then you can select the answer format and whether it is required. 

    Please note: If you require a buyer request, the buyer will not be able to move forward with purchasing your listing until they answer the questions you have requested within your chat.

    Once you’ve completed your listing, scroll down to the bottom and click Preview to see how it will look to buyers.

    If you need to make additional edits, you can go back to the previous editing screen by clicking Edit. If you are happy with the way the listing looks and have no edits to make, click Submit For Review. After you have submitted your listing, our team will review it and publish it to the Marketplace. 

    Important note: Some listings may be sent back to you by our review team requiring changes. If your listing needs to be changed, you will be notified via email.