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Marketers - Collaboration Suite: Rating Creators With Delegated Review

    With Delegated Creator Review, you are able to review creators and their social media accounts before they are accepted to your campaign. Marketers can send you a list of hand-selected creators that they think will be a great fit for your campaign. 

    • Once you have finished Creating Your Account, you will be directed to your main dashboard after you log in. From your dashboard, you will see recent campaigns, along with creators to be reviewed. If you do not see the campaign or creator List in your dashboard preview, click See All Campaigns or the arrow button to the right of the Lists to see more options.
    • After selecting the Creator List, you will see a preview of each creator, along with options to add a comment note for each creator and rating buttons that you will need to select for each creator. When rating creators, there are three levels of usability that you may choose from: 
      • Use as primary
      • Use as secondary 
      • Don't Uue
    • If you would like to see more details about a creator before rating them, you can click on each Creator name to open a flyout profile which will contain more information about them and the social media accounts that they have connected in the system.
    • From the connections tab of their flyout profile, you can view more content from their social media accounts and also click View on Instagram (or other relevant social channel) to view them on each social media platform.
    • Once you are ready to rate the creators, click the X in the upper left corner of their flyout profile to bring you back to the main list, and from there simply click on one of the options provided. You can change your rating at any time by clicking on another one of the options provided. 
    • If you would also like to start a discussion about a creator with the marketer, you can click Add Comment.
    •  A flyout will open where you can type and send a message to the marketer.
    • After you have finished rating all of the creators on the list, you may navigate away from the page or log out of your account. Your ratings will be programmatically sent to the marketer.