Influencers - Become Eligible For Sponsorship Opportunities

How Do I Become Eligible For Sponsorship Opportunities?

Sponsorship opportunities are the most common type of opportunities offered in the platform. In order to become eligible for sponsorship opportunities, you must add your quality connections to your account. 

Please note: Before adding your Instagram, please make sure you have set up your Instagram Business Account or Instagram Creator Account .

What Are Connections?

Connections are the various social media properties that you will add to your account in order to participate in sponsorship opportunities. Your connections are your lifeline in the platform and we suggest only adding quality connections. Quality connections are connections that are active and have original organic content added to them regularly. For example, if you have just opened your Twitter account we would suggest not adding it until you have met the below qualifications:

  • Connection must be a minimum of 90 days old
  • Connection must have a minimum number of followers/fans to be eligible (varies depending on connection)
  • Connection must not contain a content gap of more than 90 days
  • Connection must be public (accessible to anyone)
  • Connection must contain a majority of original content
  • Connection must be in a supported language (English, Spanish, French other as required by the Opportunity);
  • Connection may not contain content that is inappropriate, illegal or violates the Marketplace Guidelines detailed in Section 7 of our Terms & Conditions

Please note: Connections may be deemed ineligible at the discretion of our review team.

How Do I Add My Connections?

Each of your quality connections will need to be added separately to your account. Please review the articles in this section for instructions on how to add your connections: Adding Your Connections