Marketers - Archiving And Unarchiving Projects

When your Project has ended, you can clean up your Marketer Dashboard by Archiving old Projects. Once Archived, you will also have the ability to Unarchive Projects. The following article will walk you through Archiving and Unarchiving your Projects.

Archiving A Project

1. On your Unity Workflow dashboard, click into the Campaign where your Projects are housed by selecting the Campaign Name. 

2. Locate the Project you would like to Archive and click the  icon. 

3. A pop-up will appear confirming you would like to Archive your Project. When you Archive a Project the following will occur:

  • Open Bidding will be disabled.
  • All open Offers will be canceled, returning the funds to the Campaign balance.
  • Metrics for completed Units will continue being collected.

4. If you would still like to Archive your Project, select Yes, Archive Project

Unarchiving A Project

1. Click on the  icon next to the search feature in the upper right-hand corner of your Project Dashboard. 

2. From here select the  next to All Except Archived and click Archived

3. You will then be taken to your Archived Project Dashboard. Click the icon  next to the name of the Project you would like to Unarchive. 

4. From here select Unarchive Project

5. A pop-up will appear confirming you would like to Unarchive your Project. Select Yes, Unarchive Project.