Marketers - Adding YouTube Unit Elements

Unit Elements can consist of hashtags, mentions, and links. It is important to include Elements in addition to your Project Brief and Post Description as they help Creators know what must be included in their post. You can add Elements as either required or optional for Creators to use. The following article will walk you through the different types of YouTube Video Elements you can add and how to include them in your Units.

YouTube Video Elements


Sponsorship disclosure is the FTC compliant way to let the public know that a post is Sponsored, and by whom. Disclosure options are automatically included for Creators to choose from, however for YouTube Videos you will need to type in the name of the brand which you need referenced within the Disclosure for Creators to include in.




Hashtags can either be required or optional for a Creator to use in their post. If you choose to make a hashtag required, the Creator must use this hashtag in their post. However, you have the option to make the hashtag case sensitive. This would require the Creator to post the hashtag exactly as you type it here in order to submit their content for approval. If you leave this blank, the Creator can choose to post the hashtag with a variation of upper and lower case letters.




Links can be any website you would like Creators to include within the body of their posts. The link URL you type here will be programmatically shortened in the platform and will appear as shown in the below example when Creators receive it on their end:



If you would like to add a specific link for Creators to include within the body of their post, click the dropdown to Add Elements and select Link. From here you will be able to enter a link URL and select if you would like it to be required by the Creator.



Once you have included all of the Elements you would like Creators to use for their posts, click Save Changes at the bottom right.