1. Now that your bid has been approved (or once you accept a direct offer) it's time to create your content!
  • Approved Bids can be found on the Sponsorship tab under Actions Required
  • Direct Offers can be found on the Sponsorship tab under New

Select Create to be taken to the Content Creation page. 

2. You will then be taken to a page where you can begin to craft your content. If you have any accompanying text for your Photo, you may include it in the Content box as shown below. If you do not have any accompanying text, you may continue to step 4 to upload your Photo.

3. To upload your Photo, click Upload Files. It may take a few minutes for your Photo to fully upload and appear in the preview. Please note that all Photos must be one of the following formats:

  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PNG

5. If you find that you have accidentally uploaded the wrong Photo, you may change it by selecting Edit

4. Once you have finished uploading your Photo and are satisfied with your content, hit Submit to send it to the Marketer for approval.

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