If you do not have Google Analytics connected to your Blog and you are sent a Direct Offer, you will need to connect before you are able to accept that offer. Providing this information is an industry standard and as such we are making this move to accommodate requests from Marketers for transparency and reliable data. 

Google Analytics is a free service, provided by Google, that captures analytics for your Blog. Our access to Google Analytics is read-only, through Google's provided API to pull traffic and visitor information. We use this data to illustrate your value to Marketers. *Please note that this does not grant the platform the ability to change, alter, or log into your Google Analytics account. For more information please see our Privacy Policy here.

Connecting Your Google Analytics Before Accepting A Direct Offer:

1. Log into your account and locate the Direct Offer you want to accept under your New tab.

2. You will notice that the Bid button has been replaced by the Connect Analytics button. Click on the Connect Analytics button. 

3.  A pop-up will appear asking you to Authorize the platform to have read-only access to your Google Analytics. Click the Authorize button.

If you are experiencing any issues connecting your Google Analytics, we have another great article here that will walk you through this process. After reading through this article, if you are still experiencing issues please open a ticket with our help desk and a representative will be happy to assist you.

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