If you would like to add your credit card to your account, you will first need to add and verify your phone number. *Please note that some credit cards outside of the United States are not accepted at this time. 

Follow the steps below to verify your phone number:

1. Navigate to and select Finances to view your Finance dashboard.

2. Select Add your phone number now on the Payments tab. 

3. From here, enter your country code and phone number (including the area code) in the box provided. You will then have the option to receive a text message verification code or a phone call. Once you have selected the Verification Method, click Submit

4. Depending on which method you have chosen you will receive a text message or phone call with your verification code. Enter the verification code you received and then click the Submit button.

5. Now that your phone number has been verified you will be able to enter your credit card information to fund your account.

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