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YouTube - Adding Your YouTube Connection

As a Marketer, you have the option to add your social connections in order to monetize your accounts as a Creator. You must also enable Creator functionality for your account from the Plans page. 

This step by step article will help walk you through connecting your YouTube account to The Creator Marketplace.

1. Once logged in, click your name at the top of your account and select Connections.

2.  Find the YouTube drop down and hit the arrow to the right to add your YouTube account.

3. Click Add YouTube Account. *Please make sure you are logged into the YouTube account you would like to connect before completing this step.

4. A pop-up will appear and ask if you would like to authorize The Creator Marketplace to use your account. Click Allow.

5. Now that your YouTube connection has been added, you will need to fill in the demographic information for this connection. If you need help filling out your demographic information, click here. Remember to hit Save when you're done!