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Granting a User Access to An Account

You can now grant Users access to Accounts so that multiple Users are able to access the same Account. Each User can set their own email notification settings depending on their involvement with the Campaign. 


1. From the Partner level Accounts tab, search for the Account you would like to access and select View Details


2. Click the Users tab.

3. Click the Invite User button. 

4. Enter the name and email address of the User you would like to invite. This could be a new User to the system (which will prompt them to create a "User") or an already established Account within the system (which will immediately give them access to the Account). Click Send Invitation

5. If the User is already established in the system, they will automatically be added as a User of the Account and will now be able to access that Account from the Account Switcher (see next step). If the User needs to sign up, they will have access to the Account once they do so.

6. To access the Account, click the dropdown in the top right corner attached to your name. Hover over the Switch Account dropdown and a list of all of the Accounts you have access to will populate. Select the account you would like to assume by clicking on the Account name. You will be directed to that account and will be able to manage all aspects of that Account.