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Self-Service Program Will Sunset on February 10th

As IZEA continues to improve and refine our offerings, we have made the decision to change the way Marketers interface with Creators within IZEAx. As of February 10, 2017, Marketers will have the ability to amplify existing content with ContentAmp. ContentAmp is a cost per click tool that allows Marketers to select either an entire RSS feed or an individual piece of content to be shared through our network of Creators. Creators are paid based on the power of their social media connections and Marketers can select targeting criteria to reach the best participants for the opportunity. You can learn more about ContentAmp here


With this offering coming online, on February 10, 2017, we will be sunsetting the ability for Marketers to create and manage Sponsored Social and Content opportunities in IZEAx. This ability will only be available through our SaaS or our Managed Service offerings. Any active campaign(s) you are running will be programmatically terminated and Creators with approved/published content will be paid. Any incomplete work, regardless of where it is in the opportunity workflow, will be terminated. Any unused funds will be available for ContentAmp only.



2/1/2017 - No new campaigns can be created.


2/10/2017 - All campaigns will be programmatically ended, Creators with approved and/or published content will be paid. Any remaining money will be returned to the Marketers available balance and can be used for ContentAmp opportunities only.