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Navigating Your Campaign Dashboard

Once you have created a Campaign, you will need to know how to navigate your Campaign Dashboard. This article will walk you through the Campaign Dashboard and showcase its many features. 

Once you log into your account, you will be taken to your Sponsorship Campaign Dashboard. This dashboard will house all of your Social Sponsorship Campaigns. This article will walk you through creating your first Social Sponsorship Campaign

On the far left hand side, you will notice different tools that will help when searching for Creators in the system. You can find more information about the Search tools here and more about Lists here.

The Sponsorship button will take you back to your Campaign Dashboard if you have navigated to another page in your account. 

The Content button will take you to your Content Dashboard where you can create Content Campaigns and Opportunities to have Creators create non-distributed content for your brand. 

The ContentAmp button will take you to your ContentAmp Dashboard where you can promote your owned media through social influencer sharing on a performance basis. You can learn more about ContentAmp opportunities here.

The Payments tab allows you to reimburse Creators for expenses incurred throughout the duration of the Campaign. You can learn more about Payments here

The Tools button will take you to your Marketer tools. To learn more about the Marketer tools click here.


After you have created your Campaigns, they will appear in the Open tab on your Dashboard. 


From your Dashboard, you can make modifications to your Campaign name by clicking Edit.

By selecting the drop down arrow next to Edit, you can also Transfer Funds (if you have set a budget), Clone a campaign, Archive a campaign, and view your Campaign Summary.


To access your Opportunities from your Campaign Dashboard, simply click on the Campaign Name and you will be taken to your Opportunities for that specific Campaign. 

This will show the Opportunities you have created within the Campaign as well as options to view Published posts and Analytics for your Opportunities. 

From your Dashboard, you can email yourself a CSV Report. The CSV Report will provide you with all of the data from each of your Campaigns. To email a CSV, simply click the Email CSV Report button and select the frequency in which you would like the CSV Report to be sent. Don't for get to hit Submit


You will see a message that your report is being generated and should receive an email shortly. 

If you have any additional questions regarding the Campaign Dashboard, feel free to open a ticket and a representative will be happy to assist you.