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Search - Platform Search

When you are searching for Creators that post to a specific social platform in the system, the easiest way is to use the Platform Search tool. The Platform Search tool allows you to navigate through the entire network of Creators based on a specific social media platform. Please note that the search tools are only available for users on the Plus or Premium plans. 

1. Log into your account and select the Platform Search button.

2. Once on the Platform Search page, you will be able to search for Creators based on a keyword of your choosing or a celebrity name and on the platform you are looking to utilize. If you would like to search for Creators on all platforms select All Platforms and click Search. This will pull up all users in the network that match your search criteria. Please note you must search your keyword and your platform first, before you can apply filters. 

Click the Platform All dropdown to select a specific platform to search for. 

3. If you would like to refine your search even more, you can filter your results using the advanced filtering system. To do this click on the filters button next to Platform. This search tool is extremely advanced and will help you to locate specific Creators depending on what you are looking for. Always include a keyword first then start building out your filters. Keep an eye on the sentence at the bottom of the search page to make sure your search is populating the results you want. Make sure to click Apply Filters before clicking Search

The All button at the top will pull results matching all of the filters you select below it. The Any button will search for results that match either group you create. 

4. Once you select your search criteria, matching creators will populate. You can view a Creator's profile by clicking on their name next to their avatar or you can view their social media connection directly from this page by clicking View Posts.

5. The Creator profile will show all social connections the Creator has connected as well as statistics for each one. 

If you have a live Sponsorship opportunity, you can send the Creator a Direct Offer from this page.