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Search - Platform vs. Creator Search

In The Creator Marketplace, there are different ways to find social and content Creators within the network depending on what you are looking to do. 

If you are looking to activate Creators on various social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, you will want to search using Platform Search. This feature allows you to view all creator connections in The Creator Marketplace whether you are looking for a specific platform or searching across all platforms. Whenever you are looking for Sponsored Social™ activations, you will want to use Platform Search

The Creator Search was added to The Creator Marketplace as a new tool for our Virtual Newsroom and content marketing offering. Not all Creators in the network are social influencers with platform connections so Creator Search was developed to help Marketers find the professional journalist, photographers, and other content creators. You can still find creators with social connections, but your search will not be limited to specific platforms.

Platform Search 

Below is a snapshot of Platform Search and its features. Learn more on how to use Platform Search in this article.

Creator Search 

Below is a snapshot of Creator Search and its features. Please note, not all Marketers have the ability to create Content Only opportunities as the feature is still being developed. Learn more on how to use Creator Search in this article.