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Creator Profiles

When searching for Creators either through Creator Search or Platform Search, you will be able to view Creator profiles to determine whether they are a good fit for your Campaign. This article will help walk you through the following information displayed on the Creator profiles:

The first section you will notice when viewing a Creator's profile is their account name, profile avatar (with account status if applicable), InRank score, and the About, Basic, and Details tabs.

Profile Avatar

The profile avatar may contain an account banner if the Creator is a Celebrity or if they have upgraded to the PRO plan. PRO users are generally more active in the system and are eager to work with new Brands. 

InRank Score

This is a platform generated score based on the Creator's reach, engagement, relevance, quality, and suitability. This score is on a scale from 1-100 with 100 being the best score a Creator can receive.

About Tab

This tab shows a brief description of who the Creator is. They have the option of writing a custom bio or copying a bio from one of their social connections. 

Basics Tab

This information is manually provided by the Creator and represents the Creator's demographic information. 

Details Tab

This is Creator-provided information about the Creator. This does not represent the Creator's followers. 


On the right side of the Creator profile, you can view Featured Connections and Similar Connections to the Creator you are currently viewing. 

Social Tab

The Social Tab will allow you to drill in on each of the Creator's social media connections. There are multiple parts of this section to understand.

Social Connection Dropdown

You can view a new social connection by clicking the drop-down in the top-left and then selecting a new social connection. The platform type will be represented by the platform logo next to the social connection's username. Clicking the  icon will take you to the live social account.

Star Rating

This is a 1-5 quality rating initially given by the platform's internal Curation team. The score may change as the Creator participates in Opportunities and is rated by each Marketer they work with. This rating is based on a number of factors such as reach, quality of content, engagements, profile cleanliness, and frequency of posts.

Actions Button

A drop-down option which allows you to add a Creator to a List or send a Direct Offer

Connection Statistics

Displays reach information and a graph to provide a visual of those statistics. Blog statistics are pulled from Google Analytics and represent a 30 day rolling average. Any other platform shows information pulled directly from the live social account. 

Communities Tab

Displays Communities selected by the Creator as well as Communities that the platform feels are a fit based on keywords found in their social media profiles. 

Tags Tab

Displays Tags set by the Creator to help explain their social connection. These Tags may vary depending on the Connection you are viewing. These tags are searchable in Platform Search. 

Target Audience Tab

Displays audience age, gender, and language information as set by the Creator. 

Opportunity History Tab

Displays all Opportunities a Creator has participated in through the platform.

Latest Updates

Displays the most recent posts on the social connection you are currently viewing. Clicking the View Post link will take you to that specific post so you can read more and view engagements on the content. 

Portfolio Tab

Displays a Creator's Work Examples which grants them eligibility to participate in Content Opportunities. From this page, you can add a Creator to a Creator List, send a Direct Offer for a Content Opportunity, view the Opportunity types a Creator is eligible to participate in, view the Communities and Tags they have selected for their account, and view Featured Work Examples.

Career Tab

Displays a Creator's Career Summary and any Publications they have created content for.