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Review - Reviewing Submitted Content

Once a Creator submits content, you must review it before it goes live on the Creator's social media account. This article with walk you through reviewing content. 

1. From the Campaign dashboard, click the highlighted number under Content.

2. At the Opportunity level, you will need to click the highlighted number under Content again. 


3. This will show you all content that is ready to be reviewed. You can click the drop-down to Accept, Revise, or Decline quickly or click Review to see the content in more detail.

4. This page will allow you to review the submitted content for accuracy and compliance. If a change needs to be made, click the Request Revision button. If the content looks great, feel free to click Approve Content

5. Enter your message regarding the revision in the text box and click Submit

6. The offer will move to the Waiting for Revision tab. You can click View from here to enter Offer Chat (only available to Premium plan members) while the Creator is revising the content. 

Once the Creator revises and resubmits their content, the offer will move back to the Ready for Review tab and you can request another revision, approve, or decline.