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Direct Offer - Make a Direct Offer

If you have a specific Creator in mind that you would like to make an offer to, you will need to make them a Direct Offer.  

1. Create your Opportunity. If you have not done this yet, the following articles will walk you through this process:

Once your Opportunity is created and approved by the review team, you are ready to make a Direct Offer! (You must be on the Plus or Premium plan to search through the network and make a Direct Offer).


2. You can use the Creator Search feature to locate a Creator by name or if looking for Content Creators. Platform Search is helpful if you are browsing for a Creator based on the social platforms they have connected to their account. 

3. Once you have found a Creator you would like to make an offer to, click on their name to view their profile page. 

If searching through Creator Search, the first page you will see is the Portfolio page. This page highlights all of the Creators content work and the Publications they have worked for. If you have created a Content Opportunity and the Creator is eligible for the Opportunity type, you can make a Direct Offer from this page.

If you would like to make an offer to one of the Creator's social connections, click on the Social tab to view their Social Profile page. 


4. You must have an Opportunity created for the Connection you would like to make an offer to. (For example, if you have created a Twitter Status Update opportunity, you are able to make an offer to Creators who have their Twitter connected but you will not be able to make an offer to their Instagram account)

Once you have chosen the social account that corresponds to the Opportunity type you have created, click on Direct Offer from the dropdown:


5. Select the Opportunity you would like the Creator to participate in and click Submit. Most Creators will have a Direct Offer price set up however some will give you the option to create your own price. There is no way to to negotiate a set Direct Offer price.

If you do not have enough funds in your account to cover the cost of the offer, you will receive an error message that the "Direct Offer amount must be less than or equal to $0.00." You can add funds to your account by PayPal or credit card

Once the offer is sent, the Creator will be notified of the offer by email.