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Bids - Negotiating a Bid

When reviewing Bids, you have the option to Approve, Decline, or Negotiate a new price. This article will walk through the process of negotiating a Bid. 


1. From your Sponsorship Dashboard, click on the highlighted number under Offers


2. Once inside the Campaign, click the highlighted number under Offers again.


3. This will show you a list of the Bids that have been submitted for that Opportunity. To negotiate the requested bid amount, click the drop-down arrow and then Negotiate.


4. From this page, you can view the Bid history and suggest a new Bid amount. Once you enter your new amount, click Submit Bid. Keep in mind that you must have funds in your balance before you can negotiate with a Creator as the funds will go on hold once the negotiated amount is submitted -or- if you are on the Premium Plan, you can chat with the Creator by following the next steps.


5. If you are on the Premium plan, you can also chat with the Creator if you have a question about their pitch. Please note that you are not able to discuss pricing in this chat or share contact information. To chat, click the chat icon in the top-right corner under the Help button. Type your message and then click Send


6. You will see the Creator's pitch followed by your question. The chat history will be stored in this window until the offer has been completely closed out. 


7. Your chat will be sent to the Creator but you will also need to negotiate the price from this page. Enter the price you are willing to accept and then click Submit Bid



8. The offer will move to the In Negotiation tab until the Creator acts on the offer. 

If you need to continue a conversation with the Creator, you can do so by clicking View and then use the chat box (only available to Premium plan members).