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Bids - Approving a Creator Bid

Once your Opportunity has been approved, Creators will start bidding to let you know they are interested in participating in the Campaign. If you have funds in your account, you can begin approving Bids right away. You can learn how to deposit funds here. This article will walk you through accepting a Bid. 

1. From your Sponsorship dashboard, click the highlighted number under Offers

2. From your Opportunity Dashboard, click on the highlighted number under Offers

3. This will show you a list of the Bids that have been submitted for that Opportunity. From here, you can Accept, Negotiate, or Decline the Bid. You can also view the social media page by clicking the drop-down arrow and then View on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter (depending on the Opportunity and connection type).

Accept the Bid: 

Negotiate the Bid:

4. Once you accept the offer, it will move to a state where the Creator can create and submit their content. You can view the status of the offer by clicking the Content tab in the navigation bar and then the Waiting for Content tab.

Once the Creator has submitted their content, you will need to review it. This article will help walk you through approving a Creator's content