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Opportunity Dashboard - Viewing Your Opportunity Dashboard

The Opportunity Dashboard is an easy way for Marketers to see, by Opportunity, exactly what stage their Creator offers are in and if they have actions that need to be performed (reviews, approvals, etc). 

Viewing Your Opportunity Dashboard:

1. Once logged in, you will see your Campaign Dashboard. Click on the Campaign name you wish to view and then you will be taken to the list of Opportunities that comprise that Campaign.

2. This will show you a list of all current Opportunities along with spent information and any active offers available for you to act on. A number under a column means that there are bids/offers in that state. You can view the Analytics of your entire campaign by clicking the Analytics tab. You are also able to drill into each Opportunity to view the Analytics for a specific Opportunity by clicking the Opportunity name (Step 4 below will walk through this process). 

3. Once you have had Creators participate in your campaign, this dashboard will show metrics such as Engagements, ROI, Total Social Value, etc. You can learn more about reading the Campaign Summary here. *The following data is test data from a test account and does not in any way represent data you can expect from a live campaign.

4. Click back to the Opportunities tab to drill into each individual opportunity. Select the Opportunity you wish to view from the list by clicking on the name. 

5. This will show the Opportunity Dashboard where you can view any open Offers, pending Content, and Published Content. You can also view the Analytics for the Opportunity by clicking the Analytics tab. If Content has been published from the Opportunity, you will see an analytics page similar to the Campaign Summary page shown above.