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Adjusting the Settings of a Single Live ContentAmp Article

Once your ContentAmp Project has been created and Articles have gone live, there are some settings that can be changed for a specific Article. 

1. Click the ContentAmp tab in the left navigation. 

2. Click on the name of the Project containing the Article you would like to adjust or click the View button next to that Project. 

3. Click the name of the Article or View  for the Article settings you would like to adjust. 

4. Once inside the Project, select the Settings tab.


5. From the Settings page, you can adjust the following: 

  • Article Title - Change the article title if needed.
  • Summary - Change the article summary if needed. 
  • Suggested Content - Add messaging suggestions or requirements (if you select "Disable Custom Content) for Creators when they share your Article.
  • Duration - How long the Article will be available for Creators to promote. 
  • Social Platforms - The types of social platforms where you would like the Article shared.
  • Targeting - Change the minimum Creator reach and Communities you would like to target for the specific Article. 

Make sure to click Save after making any changes. 

6. The Stop button at the top will prevent the Article from being shared by any other Creators. If Creators have already elected to share the Article, they will still be paid for the valid clicks they have received.