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Sending a Direct Offer to Content Creators

The following article will help walk you through sending a Direct Offer to a Creator for a Content Only Opportunity (Content without social distribution). 

1. If you have not created your Opportunity yet, please start here. You can create either an Open Bidding Opportunity or an Invite Only Opportunity in order to make a Direct Offer to Creators. 

2. Once your Opportunity has been created and approved, search for the Creator(s) you would like to send a Direct Offer to using the Creator Search feature

3. Once you have located the Creator you would like to make an offer to, click the drop-down and then Send Direct Offer for Content. (Depending on what type of Opportunity you have created, this option may look different.)

4. Enter the offer amount, select the Opportunity you would like to invite the Creator to, and click Submit. 

5. You can view the offer from the Opportunity Dashboard under Direct Offers Sent