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Revision Request - Revising Your Opportunity

Once you create and submit an Opportunity, it is reviewed by the Review Team to ensure that Creators have enough information to complete their post and the Terms of Service have not been violated. If the Review Team requests a change be made to your Opportunity, you will receive an email that looks like this:

Clicking the Revise your Opportunity button will take you straight to step 4 or you can login to your account and access your Opportunity and the change request by following these steps:

1. Click the Campaign name.

2. Click the Actions Required tab.

3. The Change Request Admin Feedback will be displayed. Click Revise to make the necessary changes. 

4. Make any necessary changes on the Define Your Opportunity page and then click Next. You can refer to the Admin Feedback in the red box above the Opportunity Description. 

5. Review the Destination Link and Disclosure link again before re-submitting your opportunity to the review team. Click Submit when you are ready.


Your Opportunity will be reviewed by the Review Team and either approved or sent back for more changes.