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Campaign - Creating a Campaign

1. Click Create New Campaign.


2. Create your Campaign name and set a budget (optional, but recommended to help track spending when running multiple Campaigns) and then click Submit.

-Your Campaign name will not be visible to Creators and will serve as an organizational tool for you to separate different Campaign initiatives.

-The budget can be set and changed later or can be left blank. If you do not assign a budget during Campaign creation, you will not be able to add funds later. This must be done at the time of creation. You will need funds in your account before you set this budget! The budget feature allows you to set budget parameters for each separate Campaign you are running.



3. Click Create New Opportunity.


4. Choose the Opportunity's Type. You may have the Creators create a Blog Post, Status Update, Photo, or Video.


5. For each of the Opportunity types, you will fill out a similar form telling the Creators more about your company/product as well as giving them instructions for creating their post. To learn more about each specific Opportunity type, please follow the links below.



Once your Opportunity has been submitted, it will be sent to our review team for approval.


(Please note that you are not able to run a product sampling campaign or try to contact the Creators outside the system in any way. If you are interested in a product sampling campaign, please contact your account representative.)