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List - Creating a List


The List feature allows you to create vetted lists of Creators that you can use to group Creators for specific Opportunities. These lists will only be available to you and will not be accessible by any other users in the system.*Please note that you must be on the Plus or Premium plan to use this feature.

How to Create a List:

1. Click on the Lists button from the sidebar on the left-hand side of your screen.


2. Click the Create New List button.


3. From this page, you will need to upload a photo for your list (min 960 x 960px), create a List Name, and then choose your List Type.

3a. Platform List vs. Creator List: 

Platform List - allows you to create a list of Creators from a specific platform. This is ideal if you have a Sponsored Social Opportunity that you are vetting Creators to participate in. You can create a list for the specific Opportunity type you have created so that you can later easily invite those Creators to your offer. 

Creator List - allows you to add Creators (regardless of Connection type) to your list for Content-Only Opportunities. If you are vetting Creators for a Content Opportunity, you can select one of the options from the drop-down. Please note that you will not be able to send Creators on this list an offer for a Sponsorship Opportunity.

Sample List: 

4. Once your list has been created, you are ready to start searching for Creators to add to it!


5. Use either the Platform search or Creator search feature to locate Creators to add to your list. Once you have found a Creator that you would like to add to a list, click the drop-down next to the Actions button and then select Add to Platform List.

6. Select the list you would like to add the Creator to from the drop-down. If you have only created one list, the list you have created will appear first. Click Add.

7. Now that you have added Creators to the list, you can view the list by clicking on the List button on the left-hand side of the screen (from step 1)

and then filter the List results by clicking Filter to see available options, click the drop-down and select Created by and then You in the next drop-down.


This will show all of the lists you have created.

8. Clicking on the list name will show the details of the list including members of the list, the average quality score and the total reach for your list. You can click the Invite to Opportunity button to invite your list to an active Opportunity. This will allow the Creator to view the Offer as an Open Bid (not as a Direct Offer).