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What is ContentAmp?

ContentAmp is a tool that allows Marketers to quickly boost the presence of content on Twitter and Facebook. Each piece of content you add to your site is automatically distributed to our network. IZEA’s Creators pick which content they would like to share with their followers and Marketers pay on a Cost-Per-Click basis. ContentAmp is available with no licensing fees.

You can sign up for a ContentAmp Marketer account here:

Get started in minutes!

1. Set a Budget

Set and adjust your budget for your entire campaign as well as each individual piece of content you wish to promote. There is a minimum set up fee of $100 per article which will cover the Cost Per Click transactions.

2. Add Content

Use RSS Feeds to automatically create new opportunities for Creators every time you publish fresh content.

3. Set Channels

Choose to amplify on either Twitter or Facebook and choose the Communities that align with your brand. 

4. Measure Impact

Real time measurement of performance on a per-Creator basis with third party click scoring and validation.