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Setting Up A ContentAmp Project

The following steps will walk you through setting up your first ContentAmp Project. 

1. Select the ContentAmp tab from the left hand navigation bar. Select the Create Project button. 


2. The New Project page will allow you to set your Project Name, Budget, URL(s) to amplify, Social Platforms, and Targeting. Once you have filled out the following information, click Review Project to review and then enter payment information. 

Project Title - The internal name that will be viewable by you only. The Creators will see the names of the articles available for them to share.

Project Type:

RSS/Feed - Allows you to add on RSS feed URL. Any new posts to the feed will automatically generate a new Project Article and will be charged the set Budget for amplification unless manually disabled.

Individual Links - Allows you to add multiple URLs to build your project. You will be charged the set Budget per link that you add. Additional articles can be added at a later time. 

Budget - You must set an Article Budget as well as a Cost Per Click amount. The Article Budget set here will be charged for every new article pulled in from the RSS Feed. The Cost Per Click amount is the amount the Creator will earn per click they receive from their post. The minimum Article Budget is $10 and the Minimum CPC will change depending on the minimum Creator Reach you have selected.

Add Links - Include the URL to the RSS Feed or links to the individual articles you would like to amplify. Make sure to click Add.

Choose Social Platforms - You can have Creators share the article to their Facebook or Twitter Pages or both.

Creator Reach - The minimum number of followers a Creator must have in order to participate in the Project. 

Community - The Community that the Creators align themselves with.

3. Review your Project details and click Create Project when you are ready to send to the Admin for approval. You can check the Manual Mode checkbox if you would like to manually start all new Articles pulled in from the RSS Feed. If you do not check this box, you will be charged the set Article Budget for each new Article pulled in from the RSS Feed.

4. If you do not already have an Account Balance, you will be taken to a page that will allow you to enter your payment details and credit card you would like to be charged. 


5. Once your Project has been approved by the Admin, it will be viewable by Creators that meet your targeting criteria. They will create content which will be systematically approved before it goes live. There is no manual approval process needed on your end. 

The following articles will walk you through managing your ContentAmp Project: