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Adjusting the Settings of a Live ContentAmp Project

Once your ContentAmp Project has been created, there are some settings that can be changed to affect any new articles being pulled in.

1. Click the ContentAmp tab in the left navigation. 


2. Click on the name of the Project you would like to adjust or click the View button next to that Project. 

3. Click the Settings tab.


4. From the Settings tab, you are able to edit the following information: 

  • Title - The title of the Project/Publication. This is how the title appears to Creators.
  • Article Budget - This is not retroactive and will only affect new Articles if changed.
  • Cost Per Click - This is not retroactive and will only affect new Articles if changed.
  • Grace Period - The amount of time the system will wait before starting an article (there is a systematic 10 minute grace period in addition to the grace period you set here.) 
  • Duration - The length of time an article will remain Active and available for Creators to post.
  • Feed - Update the Feed if needed.
  • Social Platforms - Change the Social Platforms you would like any future Articles to be shared to.
  • Targeting - Change the minimum Creator reach and Communities you would like to reach for future articles. 

Make sure to click Save once your changes have been made.