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Set a Kill Fee Within an Opportunity

What is a Kill Fee? 

A Kill Fee is the amount paid to the Creator when a Content project is killed or canceled by the Marketer before it is completed and published. The purpose of a Kill Fee is to compensate the Creator for any work done up to the point when the Marketer decides the project is no longer needed.


- The amount is agreed upon in advance by the Creator and Marketer.

- The project must have been agreed to by both parties and the terms accepted. 

- Negotiated before the project is accepted.

- The Marketer kills the project before it is completed.

Note: A Kill Fee will only be paid out to the Creator when the project is killed by the editorA Kill Fee will never be paid out if the Creator kills the project before it is completed. In this situation, no payment will be made to the Creator.

Setting Your Kill Fee:

First you must begin to create your Content Opportunity. If you have not done this yet, please start here: Create a Content Opportunity

While creating your Opportunity, you will be able to set the Kill Fee in Step 2: Define Your Content on the right hand side of the page. This fee can be negotiated at a later time if needed. 


If you have any questions about Kill Fees, feel free to Open a Ticket with our support team.