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Video - Create a Content Only Video Opportunity

Content Opportunities will allow you to hire Creators to produce content-only pieces that will not be shared to their social media accounts but instead can be used for your website, blog, etc.


The following steps will walk you through creating a Content Only Video Opportunity which will prompt Creators to produce a video: 

1. Create an Opportunity.

Once your Campaign has been created, you can create your Opportunity. Click the Create New Opportunity button.

2. Select Opportunity Type.

Select the Video Opportunity type and click Next

3. Define Your Opportunity.

Define your Opportunity by including an Opportunity image and details about the Campaign and content you would like the Creator to create. Please make sure to include as much detail here as possible as there will be no back and forth communication between you and the Creator once you have selected them to participate. You should also decide on a Kill Fee that will be paid to the Creator should you decide to cancel the Opportunity after content is submitted. Click Next to proceed to the next step. 

4. Select the Targeting.

This will determine who sees the Opportunity and who is able to submit a Bid. Clicking the Advanced options checkbox will also allow you to target Creators by Income, Ethnicity, Family stage, Relationship, and Education level.


5. Review:

Review your Opportunity and then click Submit to send it to the Review Team!


Your Opportunity will be reviewed within 3 business days and if approved, will be sent to the Creators who meet your targeting criteria. You will receive an email from our team if your Opportunity needs to be revised: 

-or- if it was approved: