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Campaign - Create a Content Campaign

Aside from Sponsored Social Opportunities, you are also able to ask Creators to create content for your brand that can be used in a number of mediums including your website, blog, social media, etc. These Opportunities will allow the Creators to produce content-only posts that will not be shared to their social media accounts. 


The following steps will walk you through creating a Content Only Opportunity: 

1. Click the Content button.

Click the Content button in the left-hand sidebar.


2. Click Create New Campaign.

3. Enter Campaign Name.

Enter a Campaign Name, set a budget if you would like (setting a budget is optional and you must have funds in your balance), and select the appropriate Community for your Opportunity.

4. Create an Opportunity.

Once your Campaign has been created, you can create your first Opportunity. You can follow the links below to walk through creating each Opportunity type: