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Process Overview

Process Overview

Welcome to IZEA, where you can find our best-in-class marketplace technology, workflow management, and the scale of our global network. These articles and tutorials will help get you started with your account.

The tutorials walk you through a process of setting up your account as well as managing Sponsored Social Campaigns, Content Campaigns, and ContentAmp Projects. In the articles you will learn the following:

- How to Create Campaigns and Opportunities 
- How to send Offers to Creators or Accept/Negotiate Bids
- How to search for Creators
- How to Review Published Content

In the tutorials, we will use a fictitious company called Coastal Travel, Inc. to guide you through use cases. Coastal Travel, Inc. represents a travel company who is looking to spread the word of their services across multiple social media channels as well as generate new content for their website. Coastal Travel, Inc. currently is new to the travel industry and is relying on the power of social media to grow their user base.

The articles are organized by category and each category contains articles to help explain each feature and process. Simply click on the corresponding category link to get started.