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Marketers Glossary

Account: The user interface through which all Campaigns, Opportunities, and finances are administered. 

Asking Price: The price a Creator would ideally like to be paid. Each of a Creator's Connections will (typically) have a different Asking Price based on their traffic/influence.

Campaign: The over-reaching strategy that is set up to achieve your desired goals.  A Campaign can contain several Opportunities of different Opportunity types. 

Chat: A feature built into the platform that allows Creators and Marketers with one click to communicate seamlessly while Bidding on Opportunities, participating in Opportunities and creating content. 

Clone: The ability to duplicate a campaign or opportunity.

Connection: A social media account and/or publishing platform that a Creator owns, such as Twitter, WordPress, Instagram or YouTube. Creators can have multiple connections for each platform, each with different Topics, Audiences, and Asking Prices.

Content Dashboard: The location for all available content Opportunities (ie Article, Photo, Illustration, Video).

Content Quality: Whenever a Creator takes an Offer and their content has been approved or declined, we ask Marketers to rate it. The quality rating is determined by averaging all these Marketers-provided ratings. The rating is shown as TBD ("To Be Determined") until that Creator has completed five Offers.

Creator Search: A tool to search for a Content Creator based on name, tags, Creator type, etc. 

Direct Offer: An invitation to participate in an Opportunity. Direct Offers are made directly to Creators by you at their Asking Price.

Invite Only: A type of Opportunity where only the Creators you have specifically invited can see the Opportunity and are able to participate.

List: A collection of curated connections in a specific category.

Offer: An Opportunity that a Creator has either been matched with or invited to directly. One Opportunity has many Offers

Open Bidding: A type of Opportunity where all Creators who meet the targeting criteria can see the Opportunity and bid to participate. 

Opportunity: The description of the task or content Creators will potentially create for a specific social medium. Current Opportunity types include Sponsored Blog Posts, Sponsored Updates, Sponsored Photos and Sponsored Videos. 

Platform Search: A tool to search for a social media Creator based on social platform. 

Rescind a Direct Offer: The ability to cancel a Direct Offer after it has been sent. 

ShareMonitor: A tool that allows Marketers to track URL's across multiple social sites. 

SocialSearch: A tool that allows Creators and Marketers to track groups of hashtags across different social channels.

Sponsorship Dashboard: The location for all available sponsored social Opportunities (ie Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc). This will be the first thing you will see when you log into your account. 

Vetted: Status granted to a Creator who has been approved by the internal Curation team. This review process is for Freelance Writers, Photographers, Videographers, etc that have written for well-known national publications.