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The Premium plan costs $299 per month and will renew automatically each month. Below you will find everything that is included in the Premium plan:

Opportunities - Premium Plan members are able to create unlimited Opportunities per month.

ShareMonitor™​ URL's - With the Premium Plan, you are able to track an unlimited number of URL's across multiple social platforms. 

SocialSearch - The Free plan allows you to monitor 100 hashtags.

Creator Search is available for this plan. 

Platform Search is available for this plan. 

Priority Support - Priority direct inquiries are moved to the front of the queue and will be answered as soon as possible by a Customer Love team member. 

Priority Approval - All Opportunities are reviewed for content before they appear in the Exchange. With Priority approval, Opportunities will be moved to the front of the queue. 

Offer Chat - The ability to chat with Creators throughout the Bidding and Content creation process.