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Account: The user interface through which all Campaigns, Opportunities, and finances are administered. 

Asking Price: The price a Creator would ideally like to be paid. Each of a Creator's Connections will (typically) have a different Asking Price based on their traffic/influence.

Campaign: A Campaign is a collection of Opportunities. It is the first step in the Opportunity Creation process. You can either establish a new Campaign or add an Opportunity to an existing Campaign, but a Campaign is required on all Opportunities. Marketers can use Campaigns to assign a budget to their Opportunities, but this must happen when creating the Campaign, as you cannot assign a budget after the fact. If no budget is assigned, all of the Opportunities contained in that Campaign will draw their budgets directly from the Available Balance for the Marketer.

Chat: A feature built into the platform that allows Creators and Marketer with one click to communicate seamlessly while Bidding on Opportunities, participating in Opportunities and creating content. 

Clone: The ability to duplicate an Opportunity.

Connection: A social media account and/or publishing platform that a Creator owns, such as Twitter, WordPress, Instagram or YouTube. Creators can have multiple Connections for each platform, each with different Topics, Audiences, and Asking Prices.

Content: The output of a Creator and what a Marketer are buying. Content can be anything from a Blog Post or Tweet to an Infographic or long-form article.

Content Dashboard: The location for all available content Opportunities (ie Article, Photo, Illustration, Video).

Content Quality: Whenever a Creator takes an Offer and their content has been approved or declined, we ask Marketers to rate it. The quality rating is determined by averaging all these Marketer-provided ratings. The rating is shown as TBD ("To Be Determined") until that Creator has completed five Offers.

ContentAmp: A tool that allows Marketers to quickly boost the presence of content to Creator's Twitter and Facebook connections.

CPE: Cost Per Engagement

Creator: A type of user in the system. These user types create content for Marketers (either with or without distribution) as a deliverable to an approved offer. Creators are typically chosen for Opportunities based on their specific reach and influence/authority within a given vertical.

Creator Search: A tool to search for a Content Creator based on name, tags, Creator type, etc. 

Destination URL: A destination URL is what a Marketer provides for a Blog Opportunities which serves as the “Call to Action” link for Creators to use in their posts. There may be additional required URLs.

Direct Offer: An invitation to participate in an Opportunity. Direct Offers are made directly to Creators by you at their Asking Price.

Distribution: The act of posting content on a Creator’s social connection for general public consumption.  

Invite Only: A type of Opportunity where only the Creators the Marketer has specifically invited can see the Opportunity and are able to participate. If a Marketer creates an Invite Only Opportunity, they will need to make Direct Offers to Creators. 

List: A collection of curated connections in a specific category.

Marketer: A type of user in the system. These user types create Opportunities for content (either with or without distribution). These users are typically brands (Tide, Armstrong, etc) that are looking to engage their audiences in a more personal way

Offer: An Opportunity that a Creator has either been matched with or invited to directly. One Opportunity has many Offers

Open Bidding: A type of Opportunity where all Creators who meet the targeting criteria can see the Opportunity and bid to participate. 

Opportunity: The description of the task or content Creators will potentially create for a specific social medium. Current Opportunity types include Sponsored Blog Posts, Sponsored Updates, Sponsored Photos and Sponsored Videos. 

Platform Search: A tool to search for a social media Creator based on the social platform. 

Portfolio: A Creator's collection of professional work.

Project: Collection of individual Articles that are distributed to our network of Creators who can share the content to their social platforms on your behalf. 

Reach: This is the total number of followers a Creator has for that connection. It should be used as a metric for potential unique impressions.

Referrals: When one user invites another user into the platform using their specific referral code. This can be a Creator inviting other Creators or Marketers, or a Marketer inviting other Marketers or Creators.

Rescind a Direct Offer: The ability to cancel a Direct Offer after it has been sent. 

RSS Feed: An .xml file that contains your newest content. News aggregators, feed readers, email subscriptions, and podcast lists all pull content from RSS feeds. 

ShareMonitor: A tool that allows Marketers to track URL's across multiple social sites. 

SocialSearch: A tool that allows Creators and Marketers to track groups of hashtags across different social channels.

Sponsorship Dashboard: The location for all available Sponsored Social Opportunities (ie Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc). This will be the first thing you will see when you log into your account. 

Terms of Service: The specific terms to which a user of the Exchange agrees, in order to transact business in IZEAx

Verified Creators: A verified Creator is someone who has submitted either a connection or content sample as a way to illustrate that they have the ability to create content for a specific Opportunity type. For example, Creator Mary submits some articles she’s written for The Orlando Sentinel. By doing that, Mary has indicated that she can produce long-form content only work. If Mary also attached her twitter account, she is indicating that she can also complete Twitter Opportunities.

Vetted Creators: A vetted Creator is one whose work examples have been submitted to the Exchange team for review and approval. Vetted Creators have earned the seal of quality from the Exchange and can fulfill Opportunity requirements with a high degree of professionalism.

White Label: The Partner instance of the platform. These can be customized to reflect your branding color palette and logo but will function the same as every other Partner site in the platform.