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What Services Does IZEA Offer to Marketers?

IZEA provides content and influencer marketing services for agencies and brands that prefer a fully managed solution. Our team becomes an extension of your team, leveraging our proprietary software technology to execute against your objectives. Our service offerings are explained below.

Managed Services:

IZEA will manage your Sponsorship and/or Content Campaign from start to finish through the use of our technology. The minimum Campaign spend is $25,000 however, Campaign costs can vary depending on your KPI's. You can learn more about our Managed Services option here.


IZEA charges monthly licensing fees for use of our self-service technology platform.  These fees start at $100/mo and can increase based off of need, training requirements, and a number of other criteria.  We also charge a standard 20% transaction fee on all transactions that take place within the system.

For more information and a breakdown of our fees/commitments to customers, please click the link here.


This option is completely self-service and allows you to promote content through IZEA's network of Creators. They are able to browse through content and identify what is meaningful to them and their audience. You can learn more about ContentAmp here