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*Plan - How Do I Cancel A Plan Subscription?

Set to private. 


You can update your Plan subscription at any time from your account settings. If you are downgrading your Plan, your new selected Plan will not take effect until the end of your old Plan cycle. (30 days from the initial date you upgraded your Plan). A pop-up will appear to inform you of when your new Plan will take effect. If you are upgrading your Plan, the change will take place immediately and your rate will be prorated. 

For Example: I upgrade to the Pro plan on December 1st. On December 16th I decide that I will not need the benefits of the Pro Plan for the month of January and do not want my Plan to renew automatically so I downgrade to the Free Plan. My account will remain on the Pro Plan until December 30th at which point my Pro Plan period will end and my account will switch to my selected Free Plan. 


Follow these steps to stop your plan from renewing at the end of your plan period: 

1. Navigate to your Account settings.


2. From your Account settings, click on the Plans tab.


3. To downgrade and cancel any further subscription fees, click on the Select Plan link under the Free plan option.


4. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your selection. Click on Sign-up. This pop-up will also tell you the date that your current paid Plan will run out and when the Plan will be switched. 


5. If you would like to cancel your downgrade at any time, you can click on the Cancel Downgrade button under the Free Plan.