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*Not Live* How To Read The Opportunity Dashboard


The Opportunity dashboard is an easy way for Advertisers to see, by Opportunity, exactly what stage their Creator offers are in and if they have actions that need to be performed (reviews, approvals, etc).

Required / Necessary Resources

  1. Approved Opportunities that are Active (not paused or archived)


  1. Advertiser logs in
  2. Once logged in, the advertiser will see a list of all active Campaigns along with how many Opportunities are associated with those campaigns.
  3. Click on the Campaign name you wish to view and you are taken to the list of Opportunities that comprise that Campaign.
  4. Select the Opportunity you wish to view from the list by clicking on the name. You will be taken to the Opportunity dashboard. You can navigate through this dashboard by clicking on the elements in the right column or using the dropdown menu to quickly navigate to where you need to go.
  5. Understanding the elements on the Dashboard
    • Center Column will contain the following;
      • Overview - This section contains the Opportunity name, avatar, type, whether it’s open bidding or invite only and the potential reach of this Opportunity. The ability to “Pause” the campaign is also located in the overview.
      • Opportunity Details - This section details the options you selected and information provided when the Opportunity was initially created. These are the criteria that Creators will use when completing this work.
      • Targeting - this section covers all aspects of targeting
        • Creator (who is writing the post)
        • Connection (where the post is appearing)
        • Audience (who is seeing this post)
    • Right Column will contain the following;
      • Offers - this section contains all bids that have been made but not yet approved.
        • Direct Offers Sent - these are offers the Advertiser makes directly to specific users. Click the number to go directly to that section.
        • Bids Submitted - these are offers that Creators who are willing to complete the work have submitted to Advertisers. Advertisers are under no obligation to accept these offers, but should use the decline feature if they will never consider the offer. If the Opportunity is created with the “Invite Only” option checked, this section will be empty and display the following message: “There are no bids submitted at this time.”
        • In Negotiation - these are offers that are actively being negotiated with a Creator.
      • Content - this section contains all offers that have been approved and are in the Content creation phase.
        • Waiting for Content - if bids have been approved or direct offers accepted, the Creator's next step is to create content. A list of all Creators in the process of creating their content will be listed in this section.
        • Ready For Review - When a Creator has submitted their final content for review and approval, it will be waiting in this section.
        • Waiting For Revisions - If you have requested revisions to content supplied by Creators, the status will change to “Waiting for Revisions” and a list of all Creators in this state will be listed here.
        • Waiting For Publish - this status means that the content has been approved but not yet published. This can be for a variety of reasons, for example: it’s a self publishing site like Instagram or Blogs, or the Advertiser has set a publish date in the future for auto publishing platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
      • Published - this section contains all offers that have approved Content and is ready or has been posted.
        • Waiting For Verify - Once content has been published, the platform will verify that the approved content matches the content posted on the requested connection. If it does not, the Creator is notified and asked to make corrections where possible. Blogs are the only Opportunity type that can be altered after publication to ensure validation. Twitter, Instagram and other microblogging sites cannot be edited and will fail verification without giving the Creator an opportunity to fix the error.
        • Failed Verification - Any Creator whose post has failed to verify, regardless of reason, will be listed in this section.
        • Verified - Any Creator whose post has passed verification will be listed in this section
      • Closed
        • Missed - If content deadline is missed by either a Creator or an Advertiser, it will appear in Missed. If it was a Creator who missed a deadline, the Advertiser has the ability to “reopen” that offer for the Creator allowing them to continue. If it was an Advertiser who missed a deadline, the offer is unopenable. Any money held will be returned to an Advertisers available balance if an offer is missed for any reason.
        • Declined - If an offer is declined, for any reason, it will appear in a list under Declined. The list will display the Creators Name, statistics on their connection, the bid amount, the date it was declined, and the reason (Declined by you or Declined by Creator).