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*NotLive*Celebrity - How Can I Access A Celebrity To Create Content?

You are able to make offers to Celebrities through the marketplace however you should keep in mind that not all accounts are monitored daily so contacting your Account Representative is the best way to bring a celebrity on board with your campaign. The account representative can also suggest back up celebrities if your initial choice falls through. 


1. Celebrities can be found using the Creator Search feature on the left hand side of the dashboard if you have upgraded to a paid plan.

2. You can then search for a specific celebrity by name or by keyword. Make sure to check the Celebrity box to filter the results.

3. Your search results will be displayed below the Keyword search bar.

Once you have found a celebrity you would like to make an offer to, you can view their profile and then make a Direct Offer to their account. Please note that you must have enough funds to cover the cost of the offer in your account before you can extend a Direct Offer.