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Filtering Your Campaign Dashboard

From your Campaign Dashboard, you are able to filter your Opportunities for easier navigation. Opportunities can be filtered by the Opportunity Name, Marketer Label, created date, missed offers, ect. and can also be sorted by more than one of provided criteria. 

Filtering By Campaign Name Or Marketer Label 

1. Locate and select Campaign where the Opportunities are housed from the Marketer Dashboard.  

2. Once on your Campaign Dashboard, locate the Filters section. From here you can enter the Opportunity Name or Partner Label. The Marketer label is what you provided when creating your Opportunity. If you have similar Opportunity names, we would suggest searching by the Marketer Label.

3. As soon as you begin to type in the Opportunity search box, the system will generate the matching search criteria. 

Filtering By Different Criteria

1. Locate and select the Campaign where the Opportunities are housed from the Marketer Dashboard. 

2. Once on your Campaign Dashboard, locate the Filters section. From here select the Filters button. 

3. You can now choose which filtering criteria(s) you would like to use to search for your Opportunities. Select the drop-down arrow next to Choose a Filter and select one of the provided criteria.

4. If you would like to add another Filter, select the Choose a Filter drop-down again and select your next filter. If you would like to remove a Filter select the X next to the filter you would like to remove. 

5. Once you have added all of your Filters, the system will automatically generate the matching filtering criteria.