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Creator Review

This article will walk you through reviewing Creators for use in future Campaigns.

1. You should have received an email prompting you to create an Enterprise account. Click Create Account Now to set up your account.

2. This will prompt you to enter your Name and Password for the account. 

3. The Dashboard will display any Campaigns you have been invited to view as well as some high-level statistics. Click the Campaign name to view more specific statistics and published content. 

4. You will be taken to the Campaign Dashboard where you can view the Connection List(s) and some high-level data about the List(s). Click the List name to view the Creators needing review.

5. The List Details page will allow you to view stats about each Connection and allow you to rate each Connection on a 5-point scale. If the Account Manager has included a note about the Creator, you can view that note directly above the rating scale. Clicking the Connection name will take you directly to that social connection. The following data is displayed for each Connection:

  • Quality Score - This is a 1-5 quality rating initially given by the platform's internal Curation team. The score may change as the Creator participates in Opportunities and is rated by each Marketer they work with. This rating is based on a number of factors such as reach, quality of content, engagements, profile cleanliness, and frequency of posts.
  • P. Rank - Platform Rank is a score out of 100 determined systematically based on Creator reach, engagements, and frequency of posts. 
  • Reach - The total reach from that Connection.
  • Posts/Day - A 30-day rolling average of posts per day. 
  • Engagements/Post - A 30-day rolling average of engagements per post. 

6.  Clicking the Show Details button will allow you to see more information about the Creator's follower counts and posts/day.

7. Once you have reviewed the Creator, you can select a rating for them which will be shared with the Account Manager. 

You can change your rating at any time by clicking a new option. 

8. As you rate Connections, you will notice that the Not Rated number will change. Review all Connections until this number reaches 0. You can refresh the page at any time and your ratings will be saved.