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*Message Center

The Message Center houses all of the Offer Chats that have occurred within your account. To view your messages, click the Message Center icon next to your account name. You will notice a notification number here if you have unread messages. 

Clicking the Message Center icon will drop down a list of all recent messages. Click View All Messages to be taken to the Message Center Dashboard. 

The Message Center Dashboard will show all messages in the left hand column along with a search bar that allows you to search for a specific message. The selected message will appear on the right side of the Dashboard and will display the entire conversation along with the Offer flow notifications.

You can send a message to a Creator directly from this page from the text box under the conversation. Simply type your message in the chat box and then click Send

As long as the Offer has not expired on either end of the Transaction, you will also notice a View Offer button.