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Removing Users From Delegated

If you need to revoke a Clients access from Delegated Review, you may do so at anytime. Revoking access will remove all Clients from your review queues and once removed they can not be added back to the same review queue. The Content /Creators will have to be removed from review and after you have re-added your clients, you can submit the Content/Creators for review again. 

1. From your Marketer Dashboard, click the name of the Campaign you would like to revoke your Client access to.


2. From your Campaign Dashboard, click the Access button. 

3. From here, select the tab containing the permissions you would like to revoke from the client and then click Edit


4. A pop-up will appear. Uncheck the Content Review box and click Submit


5. This will remove your client from the Content Review queue. If you have other clients in the review queue they will also need to be removed following the same process.