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Submitting Content For Delegated Review

Once you have invited a user to review content for your Campaign, you will need to submit the content to them for review. Please make sure that before submitting the content for review you have invited all users who need to have access to this content. You will not be able to add additional users once the content has been submitted. 

1. Locate and select Campaign where the offers are housed from the Marketer Dashboard. 

2. From here you will be taken to the Campaign Dashboard. Locate and select the Opportunity with the content notification. 

3. Once inside your Opportunity, locate the content you would like to send for review. Select the drop-down next to Review and click Submit for Review

4. You will notice a Review and Not Reviewed box appear. The number inside the boxes represents the number of users that are reviewing the content and who has reviewed the content so far.

5. If you hover over the boxes you will be able to see the following:

  • Name of the Reviewer
  • Number of days that users have to review the content (this is set when you first invite the users to review the content)
  • The order in which the users will review the content (this is set when you first invite the users to review the content)